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OK folks. This is it! This December, Kurt and I are rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. We have spent 8 months planning, preparing, training, arguing, high-fiving, talking to immediate family (with total support!) and laying the ground work for an epic and (hopefully) inspiring journey. For those who know us and know what makes us tick, this will be of no surprise. But nonetheless, this is big…bigger than anything we’ve done or have dreamt of doing.

Ready for this?


Hopefully you actually clicked the link above. If not, we’ll provide the shortened version: Kurt and I are rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Yes…rowing. Not sailing, swimming, luxury cruising nor flying. That’s right…rowing across the ocean using oars…

Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean itself leads only to sore muscles, delirium, painful sunburns and even more painful bums. But this is more than a row. This is more than two brothers rowing 3,000 miles, from La Gomera, Spain to Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua & Barbuda. 

This is a challenge

A challenge you say? ‘Yes!’…We are participating in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge (https://www.taliskerwhiskyatlanticchallenge.com/), an annual rowing race pitting the boldest, strongest, fastest crews against the waves, storms and currents of the Atlantic Ocean. However, for us, two brothers who are leaving their friends, family and loved ones behind for 2 months, this is more. So much more. For us, this race is to challenge everyone who has followed a dream, a challenge to give back and help provide an opportunity for others to follow theirs.

From now on and until we land in Antigua, Kurt and I are 32º North. We are the only American pair and we hope to make our family and friends proud as well represent our country for a great cause.

By supporting us and our efforts, you will provide the means for opportunity. Opportunity for those who have struggled, endured and are ready for a second chance. This is an opportunity to provide support for young adults to survive and move forward with their lives after cancer. That is why we have partnered with The Samfund (http://www.thesamfund.org) and together we will do what we can to make a difference.

By clicking the links below. You will have an opportunity to become a Family/Friend sponsor to our cause. Your financial contribution will enable us to purchase supplies, food, equipment and of course the boat! In doing so, you will enable us to focus our fundraising efforts on Samfund’s Jeremy Hill Memorial Grant. Jeremy was a close friend to Kurt and I and a board member of Samfund. Tragically in 2012, The Samfund community and we lost Jeremy to a prolonged battle with cancer, at the age of 43. Raising money for this cause will directly impact the lives of cancer survivors, by providing support for a wide range of post-treatment financial needs – important ones like health insurance, tuition assistance and family-building expenses. Additionally, if you wish, you can use our link to donate directly to Samfund and to the Jeremy Hill Memorial Grant.

Kurt and I have committed ourselves to this immense undertaking. We ask that you, our friends and family, join us in this adventure.

Family/Friends Sponsorship: http://www.row32north.com/family-and-friends-sponsorship

Jeremy Hill Memorial Grant: http://www.row32north.com/samfund

We hope that you enjoy this journey as much as we will.

John & Kurt

32º North

P.S. We ask that you forward this email, and the link to our site, to anyone and everyone you think will want to join!

You can follow us on Facebook (group 32º North), Instagram (@row32north) and Twitter (@Row_32North) for progress and updates.