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How Far would you go

How Far Would You Go . . . it’s a pretty simple question. How far would you go to fight for something you believe in? What are you willing to do to combat a significant problem, whether it’s cancer or climate change? We can all do more than we think.

We are dedicated to helping you spread the word about the work you are doing for the cause you believe, helping you go as far as you can go. Whether it’s a global campaign like the ones featured above or something smaller and local, we all are committed to doing what we can – even if it’s donating money instead of time. Donors can support the causes behind the campaigns of our community of Active-ists.

32° North is honored to be featured as an active-ist for this amazing endeavor. Follow our story with up-to-date blogs and pictures, giving you an intimate and personal view into our lives. Also, support other activie-ist's as we attempt to do great things for better people.